About Us

Choose Homemade is committed to making the healthy choice the easy choice.
ONIE staff pose together in the ONIE test kitchen.
ONIE Project Staff 2024

Choose Homemade, an initiative proudly led by the Oklahoma Nutrition Information and Education Project (ONIE), aims to promote healthier lifestyles and empower eligible individuals and families in Oklahoma, particularly those who qualify for SNAP-Ed, by providing access to recipes that are crafted to be simple, healthy, and delicious. Developed meticulously by our team of registered dietitians, these recipes meet stringent standards for quality and nutritional value. Our commitment is to make the healthy choice an easy choice for Oklahomans.

We understand the challenges families face in prioritizing nutrition amidst the demands of real family life. Often, convenience takes precedence over health when time and resources are limited. At Choose Homemade, our goal is to replace commonly relied-upon convenience foods with our easily accessible and affordable recipes. These recipes are designed to fit into everyday life, offering a healthier alternative without sacrificing taste or ease of preparation.

We prioritize accessibility and affordability, ensuring our recipes are made with ingredients readily available and affordable to people across Oklahoma. This determination is backed by thorough research conducted by our team.

Our promise is that Choose Homemade recipes are:

  • Quick, tasty, and healthy
  • Easy to prepare and require minimal cleanup
  • Made using common ingredients
  • Taste-tested and chosen by Oklahoma families
  • Certified healthy by ONIE registered dietitians
  • Developed using the MyPlate food groups

Join us in our mission to foster healthier eating habits through accessible, nutritious recipes. Together, let’s make choosing healthy meals easier for you and your family.

To learn more about the ONIE Project, please visit onieproject.org.